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“What year is it?”

My three-year old demanded to know. He’s into dates and time at the moment.

“It’s 2019,” says I.

“No,” he replies, “Those are just the numbers. What year is it?”

I was stumped.

After running through the same script a couple more times, I realised…

“Oh! Well, 2015 was the year you were born, and last year was the year we moved house and your brother was born, so this year… well…”

And I had to pause. Because so much welled up inside me that I wanted to say. This is the year that we launch KinCo, so you can come to work with Mummy and Daddy. This is the year that my business expands and you’ll finally get to live the rewards of Mummy trying to steal those hours away to get work done. This is the year Mummy steps forward and starts to Make Things Happen. This is the year.

But I couldn’t say that to him. He’s three. He wouldn’t understand, or, worse yet - he might!

So I’m telling you. Because visibility = accountability = progress = winning.

This is the year the Things Happen. The year I feel Powerful. The year that becomes as pivitol for me as 2009 was*.

What year is it for you?


*That’s a story for another time.